le gage d'un niveau de confort et de prestation

Swimming pool


10 guests

5 bedrooms

5 to 9 beds

3 bathrooms

Communal spaces

Inside and out…
it’s all for you.

Comfort and serenity

To make everyday life easy for you: I offer simple and practical services and equipment, and a separate laundry room.


Each of the gîte’s rooms has its own unique feel: “Au bord du Gardon”, “Sur les sentiers”, etc.

If you are 2 to 4

For 2 to 4, your own completely private suite.


In true La Peyrarié style, a heart beats under the stones.

If you are more than 10

Combine the conviviality of the gîte La Peyrarié (for 10 people) with the intimacy of the bed and breakfast suite

Relax in an amazing house, which combines simple tradition with great comfort.
Come on, everything’s ready!

Inside and out… it’s all for you.

Inside, the hearth invites conversations in front of the fire; in autumn, chestnuts can be roasted here. Or sit in an armchair on the other side of the living room to read or enjoy the scenery; or gather around the table to play…

The terraces open onto the great outdoors and offer you a timeless vista. In the evening, you can share pizzas from the bread oven and wines chosen from the region’s cellars. During the day, sip coffee in the shade or doze while listening to the birds sing.

The swimming pool with its wide paved pool sides is integrated into the landscape like an old pond. Fear not, it’s equipped with safety gates and an alarm that meets the norms.

Feel like playing a game or sharing a few laughs? The petanque court and the games room, equipped with an authentic table football, are just a stone’s throw away.


Comfort and serenity

Your well-being is my priority.

To make everyday life easy for you: I offer simple and practical services and equipment, and a separate laundry room.

To respect the environment and guarantee your peace of mind: the swimming pool is treated with salt…

To discover and dream: tourist guides and information, magazines, comic books, novels, an “edible” booklet of local recipes, and board games.

To stay connected to the rest of the world, if you so wish: there is Wi-Fi and a TV with DVD player.


Is the swimming pool reserved for the gîte?

The swimming pool and all the outdoor areas at your disposal are for your exclusive use. Relax as you choose, while respecting the natural spaces.

Do I need to bring linen and toiletries?

Travel light. The beds are made up when you arrive. Towels and natural shower gel/shampoo are provided. In the kitchen, there are tea towels, hand towels and cleaning products with the European Eco-label.

How many double and single beds are there?

The house has two fixed double beds, and 3 double beds that can be separated into 6 single beds.

One of the fixed double beds is in the bedroom “Sous les châtaigniers” (140×190 cm), and the other in “Au bord du Gardon” (160×200 cm).

Tell me what you would like, and I’ll adjust the single/double beds to your specifications.

Is there a barbecue?

To grill sausages and vegetables, a large fixed barbecue borders the terrace where you enjoy your meals. And for convivial evenings, you can turn on the pizza oven and get inventive with your toppings.

Is there any equipment for children?

Depending on the age of your children, I’ll be happy to lend you the equipment you need (cot, high chair, booster seat, etc.). You won’t have to worry about bringing toys: on site you’ll find the indoor and outdoor games that were my children’s (who are now grown up).

For hiking or sport, what is available on site?

Guidebooks to plan your hikes, IGN maps of the region, information about cycling tours and the outdoor activities offered at the Pôle de pleine nature des 4 saisons on Mont Aigoual. And if you want to stay on site for gentle activities, there are yoga mats, petanque balls, Finnish skittles, table football, and more.

Is the gîte equipped for work?

You have Wi-Fi access and, on request, a printer. If necessary, to ensure that your living spaces remain convivial, I can open a separate meeting room for 10 people.

I’ve tried to think of everything for you.
But if there is anything you lack, you need only ask !


In true La Peyrarié style, a heart beats under the stones.

La Peyrarié is a hamlet of three houses built around a spring and overlooking the Valat du Rieu, which flows into the river Gardon one kilometre downstream.

We have restored two of these houses: one is ours, the other is yours.

The houses, rural dwellings from the 18th and 19th centuries, were unoccupied from the 1930s onwards. The areas initially dedicated to storage (hayloft, cellars), animals (sheepfold, goat farm) and agricultural work (silkworm nursery, clède or hut for drying chestnuts) have now been converted into living areas. The space has remained the same, external appearances have changed little … but it has become comfortable!

All around is the land known as La Peyrarié and La Figueyrole, more than 30 hectares of nature: holm oak and chestnut groves, criss-crossed by trails, steeper paths and streams.


Each of the gîte’s rooms has its own unique feel: « Au bord du Gardon », « Sur les sentiers », etc.

The room
« Sous les châtaigniers »

1bed of 140×190

Washbasin, shower, bathtub, WC

14 m²

« Sous les châtaigniers » (Under the Chestnut Trees) is the most independent room, with its own access to the outdoors, which opens onto the same level as the swimming pool terrace, as well as a large bathroom … The warm colour of the light chestnut wood dominates.

A breath of fresh air under the chestnut trees

The room
« Sur les sentiers »

1 bed of 160×200 or 2 single beds

11 m²

« Sur les sentiers » (On the Paths) is a room that opens directly onto the outside, onto the old mule track that runs alongside the house. Stevenson might have slipped in discreetly at nightfall for one stage of his « Travels with a donkey in the Cévennes ».

A breath of fresh air on the trails

The room « Au bord du Gardon »

1 bed of 160×200 cm

Shower, washbasin

12 m²

« Au bord du Gardon » (On the Banks of the Gardon) is a room where you can enjoy the midday sun. With its private bathroom and antique furniture, it is often the parents’ room.

A breath of fresh air on the banks of the Gardon

The room « En pays Huguenot »

1 single bed

10 m²

« En pays Huguenot » (In Huguenot Country) is a duplex suite with the room « En vallée cévenole ». From it, you can see the Col de l’Exil Pass, and the hiding-places of the Camisards pursued by the soldiers of the Sun King.

A breath of fresh air in Huguenot country

The room « En vallée cévenole »

2 beds of 160 x 200 cm or 4 single beds

25 m²

« En vallée cévenole » (In the Cévenol valley) is a large room on the upper floor, which used to be the silkworm nursery where silkworms were bred. Separated in two by the chestnut roof frame, and ventilated by gable openings, it is a refuge for lovers of tranquillity or a dormitory for the youngest guests, depending on your needs.

A breath of fresh air in the Cévennes valley

For 2 to 4, your own completely private suite

Your suite « La Planque »

2 beds of 160 x200 cm or
1 bed of 160 x200 cm and 2 single beds

Washbasin, shower, bathtub, WC

Enter these cosy guest rooms: push the door and find yourself at home.

We sometimes feel like peace and quiet, to be just ourselves: to settle down, forget everything else, and live.

Welcome the first rays of the morning sun through the mullioned window, have breakfast on your terrace at sunrise, and look forward to your day.

« La Planque » is a suite opening onto the great outdoors.

Two spacious rooms, a large and bright bathroom, and a private terrace. Settle in, whether there are two or four of you, and discover your surroundings.

The suite was renovated in 2018, and is a warm place that combines traditional materials, practical fittings and high-comfort equipment.

« La Planque » is available as a bed and breakfast,
for 2 to 4 people, for 2 night minimum stays.


More than 10: conviviality and intimacy

Combine the conviviality of the gîte La Peyrarié (for 10 people) with the intimacy of the bed and breakfast suite « La Planque » (for 2 to 4 people).

Sometimes we enjoy being in the crowd, but we also want to be able to withdraw and live at our own pace.

By combining gîte and bed and breakfast, you can all get together, up to 14 people, for the moments you choose to share.

The suite « La Planque » consists of two spacious rooms and a large, bright bathroom and has its own direct access from the outside. You’ll be completely at peace.

On request, I can arrange: meals; wellness activities; outdoor activities


Activités bien-être

Activités de pleine nature