Gentle discoveries

Eveiller tous ses sens, prendre le temps de se retrouver, de rencontrer …

Made to measure

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Aller au bout de l’aventure, en pleine nature, jusqu’au frisson.


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Se retrouver avec ceux qui comptent vraiment, pour les grandes occasions


S’engager dans une belle entreprise : vivre autrement, travailler autrement, ensemble.

Do you dream of escaping for a few days to live life fully?

If you want to experience intense and unique moments with your “team”, let me cater for your needs.
I’ll organise your escape to La Peyrarié, with all my associates in the valley.

The secret? I’m the “director of organised group breaks in the Cévennes”. I love life, I love the Cévennes, I love freedom; they are passions I want to share.


 “To live is not only to breathe, it is also to be breathless” Alfred Hitchcock


Experience sensational sport activities.

Feel the thrill and raise the intensity with dedicated adventures: canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, paragliding, trail, orienteering, geocaching, mountain biking … safely, with qualified and experienced guides.

Refind yourself, be the hero in your own adventure: discover your inner resources during survival courses, treasure hunts or escape-games in nature…

In the Cévennes, people have shown their ingenuity in adapting to a hostile natural environment, fleeing the persecution of King Louis XIV’s dragoons, hiding refugees… Follow their footsteps.

Contact me on + 33 (0)7 71 66 10 61 to build your custom-made group escape.


Gentle discoveries

 “Travelling is a return to the essentials” Tibetan proverb


Start your day with wellness activities: perhaps yoga, body awareness or a massage

Isabelle, an associate in Lâcher Prise, can bring everything you need to relax in the open air, with only birdsong as a soundtrack.

Stroll through the market, admire the colourful stalls, discover the smells and flavours of the Cévennes, with its singsong regional accent.

Treat yourself to a siesta in the shade – hammock or couch – without a watch on your wrist.

Take the time to encounter people, by the wayside. On a farm, in a vineyard or around a fountain, you can meet those who love to share their homeland.

Contact me on + 33 (0)7 71 66 10 61 to organise your stay the stress-free way.



Find connection and pleasure in being together.

You may come from the four corners of the earth, but you can find yourself at home here. Inhabit the premises your way, and design a gathering in your own style.

More than a party, this can be a reunion, with festive and intimate moments, with the specialness of shared life.

Whether small or big, all occasions are worth celebrating: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, stag or hen parties… the moments that signpost a life.

The best opportunity is the one that brings your loved ones together.

La Peyrarié is the ideal place for small gatherings. For large receptions, you should choose a more suitable site.

Contact me on + 33 (0)7 71 66 10 61 to join the party.

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Adjust your work horizon and bring out the best in your team.

Stretch your employees further, and unleash their creativity. In a unique natural environment, boost your team and your results.

La Peyrarié can host your seminar, in the comfort of a 4-star establishment.

Alternate the sessions as you wish:

For getting together: a dedicated work room (Wi-Fi, video projector, etc.) or an outdoor space for more inspiration.

To relax, on the spot: swimming pool, petanque, table football.

For sharing memorable moments: gentle discoveries or high-octane sports activities.

To delight you, a range of suggestions for exploring local gastronomy.

Contact me on + 33 (0)7 71 66 10 61, and I will organise the away-break that best meets your objectives.